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Empowered to empower

Back in 2015, the residents of Brgy. Nicolas in San Antonio, Northern Samar elected Michelle Dela Cerna as one of the community volunteers in their barangay. At first, she was declining and very adamant to not accept it because of her self-doubt. For Michele being an undergraduate means she has no place in any development spheres in their barangay.

The hall that ignites hope

“Kato ra gyung naa’y dakong gugma ang maka-ako og-anhi diri” (Only the bighearted will go through great lengths to come all the way here) said one resident.

Not everyone has the chance to visit this village in their lifetime. Either a 4x4 vehicle or a tough motorcycle with an experienced driver is needed to reach this corner of the landlocked province of Bukidnon.

It's a family thing: Volunteerism in the time of COVID

“Listening to my mother’s story about her active involvement as KALAHI-CIDSS volunteer encourages me to become a volunteer, too”, says Jhayra Alcayde, from the municipality of Biliran, Biliran.

Community participation amidst the Pandemic

Participation is one the key principles in achieving community’s development. It is also one of the main features of Community-Driven Development (CDD), an approach used by the Department of Social Welfare and Development's Kapit-bisig Laban sa Kahirapan Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social - National Community Driven Development Program Services (DSWD KALAHI CIDSS - NCDDP) in its project implementation.

Balancing motherhood and volunteerism

On April 30, 1937, Filipino women acquired their suffrage or their right to vote after 447,725 women affirmed their desire to vote surpassing the 300,000 required threshold in a national plebiscite.

Over the years, the government recognized the role of women in society. To ensure that the rights of women are fulfilled and protected, the government passed laws focused on Filipino women’s rights.


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