Inclusive and sustainable development for every Filipino

Through the Community-Driven Development (CDD) approach, Kalahi-CIDSS empowers Filipinos to take the lead in their community's development.


  • Community volunteers hailed as heroes

    Community volunteers hailed as heroes

    Former Mayor Lillian Y. Lozada of Cagwait town, Surigao del Sur has hailed all the community volunteers in the municipality for their committed participation and contribution to the development in their barangays.

  • DSWD's P2.5-M isolation facility 'may be used during disasters’

    DSWD's P2.5-M isolation facility 'may be used during disasters’

    "Sa panahon nga magka-minus o mawala na gyud an COVID, pwede ra gyud na ninyo mahipos ug matago kay collapsible man siya and magamit sa other purpose. For example, naay evacution kung simbako naay bagyo o baha so magamit jud nas taga-barangay nga temporary kapuy-an” (When the time comes that COVID-19 cases dwindles and eventually be eradicated, you can keep these collapsible tents and use it for other purposes. For example, God forbid there will be typhoon or flooding, the community could use these tents as temporary shelter).

  • KALAHI-CIDSS pushes for CDD Institutionalization in the 19th Congress

    KALAHI-CIDSS pushes for CDD Institutionalization in the 19th Congress

    The Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan - Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS) Program of the DSWD is once again pushing for the institutionalization of the Community-Driven Development (CDD) approach through the CDD Bill.


Institutionalizing Community-Driven Development

The Community-Driven Development Bill will institutionalize CDD as a national strategy for poverty-alleviation and inclusive growth.

The CDD Bill will provide opportunities for ordinary Filipinos, especially those who are poor, vulnerable, and marginalized, to participate in identifying, planning, budgeting, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating community-based programs, projects, and activities.

Success Stories

  • Leaving a mark of unity

    Leaving a mark of unity

    “Napintas unay ti KALAHI" (KALAHI is exceptionally good).

    A volunteer of barangay Cabaruyan, Daguioman in the Province of Abra shares how the KALAHI-CIDSS Project changed her life as an individual and her community as a whole.

  • All roads lead to development

    All roads lead to development

    What was once criticized as poor decision-making and a waste of limited and valuable resources turned heads and proved critics wrong, gathering praise and accolades along the way.


Citizen's Charter

We value transparency and accountability.

CDD Principles


KALAHI-CIDSS enables the effective and efficient delivery of social services through the CDD's core principles of Transparency, Participation, and Accountability


KALAHI-CIDSS empowers community members to become active drivers of development by facilitating the implementation of community sub-projects, especially in the poorest and most marginalized communities of the country


Transparency is operationalized when community members are able to participate in all levels of decision-making. The execution, implementation, monitoring, and management of community-based projects implemented by NGAs and LGUs are led by the community members.


Participation is operationalized when national government agencies and LGUs allow and foster the meaningful participation of community members throughout the development process. This participation should be present not only in the identification of community issues and problems, but also in the implementation of solutions to address them.


Accountability is operationalized when community members are engaged in the monitoring and evaluation of projects. Moreover, there is accountability when community members are empowered to take actions based on information that they themselves chose to take into consideration.



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